Welcome to SOCIOPOLY!  The new "game" being used by Set Free Coordinator Zsuzsa in Hungary!  The purpose of SOCIOPOLY is to help "underprivileged youth" develop life skills that will help them be less vulnerable and targeted by Human Traffickers.  Please Enjoy watch the following video as we celebrate JFM's partnership ministry of Set Free Hungary to stand against Human Trafficking Globally:



Link to Daily Devotionals from Hungary during Covid-19 (some in Hungarian and some in English!  Don't miss!)…


Zsuzsa Mecseri-McNamara has served as the Coordinator for the Set Free Movement in the Free Methodist Church of Hungary (as well as co-Pastor of the Budapest Free Methodist Church.)  After serving for one year she recently reported on  her year of ministry:

Next month will mark my first year as the coordinator of the Set Free Movement in Hungary. This is very exciting and it gave me the opportunity to reflect. I am so thankful for all of you that have been apart of this journey and have encouraged me, prayed for me. Please continue to pray, God is doing great things. I attached a document which gives a summary of this past year, I hope it will be an encouragement to all of you as you have all helped me in so many ways. I am excited for what God has in store for the second year and hopefully more to come. 😃
Blessings to all of you:


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A message from David and Jill Sweet from Bulgaria


PASTOR DAISY - JFM has had a relationship with Honduras for the past 12 years!  Over those years, that relationship included Teen and Adult Ministry Trips for the purpose of construction projects, VBS, evangelism, relationship building and distribution of water filters and mosquito nets.  In 2019 after a Team from JFM attended a Free Methodist Church Planting Summit in Honduras, the JFM Global Outreach Team began the slow steps of developing a ministry partnership in the area of Puerto Cortez Honduras.  The GO Team aim was to develop a Ministry Partnership with Free Methodist Pastor Daisy to plant churches for the purpose of "cultivating changed lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ."  Pastor Daisy and the Honduras church leaders focus included evangelism and planting Free Methodist House Churches in the 36 Garifuna villages along the Coast of Puerto Cortez (see map). DORIS SNYDER - MINISTRY MANAGER

 One of the Key persons for helping JFM in Honduras over the…

Bulgaria - St. John Home

EXCITING the people of JFM to the critical ministry in Bulgaria is one of our primary goals for our missions committee.Our missionaries to Bulgaria, David and Jill Sweet said it best, “We believe that a reduction in the incidence of human trafficking is a natural byproduct of healthy church communities.”As Jill continues, “at any given moment, in the Roma village here in Kyustendil, more than 100 girls are in danger of being taken.The situation is desperate.” With this in mind, please be praying for upcoming concerns for the prevention of human trafficking in the form of a home for at-risk girls, St. John’s Home.In Jill’s words, 1
Meeting with mayor of Kyustendil, Bulgaria to present the almost finished St John Home, looking for permission to open it.

David Carr, former director for the conference in Bulgaria is coming to talk to the Minister of Religion on getting the government’s endorsement on the St John’s Home.

At the conclusion of both critical meeting, hope to have an opening date s…